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Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Internet

The internet is a fantastic resource. The whole of human history and knowledge is just a search engine away. There’s just one problem; you should never really trust the internet. There are plenty of ways the internet misguides you. The… Continue Reading →

Dangers of Witch Hazel for Skin

You know that  I like to read some beauty blog posts and I have subscribed to a few of them that I find interesting and packed with information. I usually don’t fall into those marketing tricks and I do believe… Continue Reading →

Tips For Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year means New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them but so few people keep them. If you want some help keeping those resolutions this year then read up on these handy tips to help you out. Be Committed There… Continue Reading →

Why I love christmas time

Tis the season for the glow of gleaming lights and presents piled under the Christmas tree. The smell of frost fills the air, and quiet snowfalls make those inside their homes feel all warm and cozy while nestled in their… Continue Reading →

Why do women like to wear makeup?

It may seem like it’s obvious, but the mystery of why women wear makeup still hangs in the air around menfolk and other women who find the concept of foundation foreign. Why can’t women just go around without makeup? Why… Continue Reading →

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