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Month September 2015

What if donald Trump was president of USA ?

Donald Trump is a man you would call larger than life. His personality has made its way from reality television into the political spectrum, and he’s not shy about saying exactly what he thinks. His decision to run for president… Continue Reading →

Body wraps : are they really effective ?

Among the articles I found on the website that listed the top microdermabrasion machines for our post about microdermabrasion, I found one that was about body wraps. I have to admit I was curious about it so I decided to… Continue Reading →

Why I don’t watch Reality TV shows

When was the last time you looked at your TV screen, saw someone from Jersey Shore partying it up while making slobbering drunken rants, and said to yourself, “Now there’s a productive member of society.” Never? That doesn’t come as… Continue Reading →

Microdermabrasion : a solid method for skin maintenance

Fighting the effects of aging has always been a challenging process for me, and most times, it’s an expensive one. You know I don’t like the shiny and nonsense cosmetic treatments that are mere marketing tricks. I need solid stuff… Continue Reading →

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