keyboard internetIn today’s world, truth and fiction are interwoven to the point that it is actually close to impossible to differentiate between them.

Skepticism allows you to carry barbarous tests of declarations, rationalizations, opinions, and whatever somebody claims to be reality.

It is very understandable why customers might come off as being overly skeptical – they are going to want to know what exactly they are putting their money on!

Most companies and businesses know that, and they market accordingly – answering all the possible questions their customers might have, all through their advertisements.

However, the age-old fact that you must NOT, ever, never ever, never trust everything you see on the internet without validating and not giving something benefit of the doubt is still hard for some people to work with.

The cyberspace is literally open for anything and anyone – there is really nobody to question anything you post online (well, most of the times).

The best lie is the truth told unconvincingly – and with the evolution of technology, it has become even easier for people to manipulate the public and equivocately to put things in their favor.

Mum was right when she said “don’t trust strangers”.

Being incredulous about claims and promises made on the internet is actually advised, after all, you don’t really know who exactly IS sitting behind the screen, his history, whether he’s a Barcelona fan or Real Madrid fan…

okay no that is unnecessary information, we are getting way ahead of ourselves.

Fact of the matter is, you do not have to know the person inside out, however you ought to be well aware of his or her objectives.

Doing your research, reading different articles to get a better understanding of  the subject will require a little bit of effort on your part, but it’s going to be worth it.

People (businesses, etc.) have ants in their pants and make all sorts of dubious claims through internet marketing, influencing people with the sole purpose of expanding their business and getting an unreal number of customers.

They market as if they could go on and on about how wonderful their service/product is – about how it’s going to make your life so much better than it already is, yadaa…yadaa…yadaa.

However, when hit with an intelligent, “stopper” question from a wanna be skeptic (yes, that’s me, thank you, thank you), which usually terminates the process of manipulation, they are often left questioning their own existence, alternatively, many are already prepared for that, and use other methods to maintain their reputation and clarify your ambiguities (the “smartasses” as I like to call them).

Aaaand there we have it, it’s you who’s going to be having to bear the brunt. Therefore, being smart about the choices you make about stuff you come across on the internet is very essential.

I should probably now bury myself because I just know there’s going to be a whole army of businesses who market online coming for me!