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Microdermabrasion : a solid method for skin maintenance

Fighting the effects of aging has always been a challenging process for me, and most times, it’s an expensive one. You know I don’t like the shiny and nonsense cosmetic treatments that are mere marketing tricks. I need solid stuff… Continue Reading →

Is the American Dream still alive ?

I don’t know about you but this American dream thing we used to hear about hasn’t been mentioned a whole lot in the mass media. At least not in any positive light. Some consider whether the American dream is even… Continue Reading →

Racism and Donald Trump ?

You would be hard pressed to find a more consistent issue routinely discussed in the media today than that of racism. Clearly, there are a lot of combative issues at even the mention of the topic. This is because so… Continue Reading →

The Selfie Trend

Boy, Selfies sure are a thing now, aren’t they? It probably started to erupt the moment Apple and Samsung started putting cameras on the front of their phones. Selfies aren’t the worst possible thing in the world, but if you… Continue Reading →

The Facebook Race to Get Friends

Not too many moons ago, Burger King held a contest on their official website. If you “unfriended” ten people on your friend’s list via Facebook, you would get a free Whopper sandwich. It almost sounds a little weird, right? Why… Continue Reading →

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