You know that  I like to read some beauty blog posts and I have subscribed to a few of them that I find interesting and packed with information. I usually don’t fall into those marketing tricks and I do believe in solid basic products that are sometimes much more effective than fancy products sold for a fortune. Yep, brands do know how to market for sure.

I am always trying to find new tips or trick that could improve my beauty routine and I found out about the uses of witch hazel. No I am not talking about a witch in a charmed episode but about a plant that is beneficial to our skin and many other stuff.

In fact, I did not know that Witch Hazel is one of those great catch-all natural remedies that does some good for almost everything. From skin conditions to digestion problems Witch Hazel can be a real boost to your health. Unfortunately it’s not completely safe. It’s important you understand the risks involved with taking Witch Hazel.

It’s Still Low Risk

It’s important to note that even though there are some risks associated with Witch Hazel it’s still a very low risk treatment. You have to use it excessively to have an adverse side effect happen and even then they mostly only affect children. Adults usually have a strong resistance to the stuff. Still you need to be aware there are some risks associated with it and, low risk as they may be, there’s still a risk.

Skin Side Effects

One of the ways to apply Witch Hazel is to rub it into your skin. It’s a good treatment for dermatological problems like acne and skin irritations. It can also be used to remove your make up. I recommend you to read the article by sophie from myawesomebeauty.com about the uses of witch hazel on face skin here. ( which gave me the idea of writing that little article ). The problem is that as good as it is for irritation, it actually causes irritation if you use it too much. It’s a problem known as contact Dermatitis. So if you are applying Witch Hazel and your skin gets irritated you need to stop.

Allergic Reactions

As well as causing minor irritation if used excessively, some people are naturally allergic to Witch Hazel, or develop this allergy through overexposure. The way an allergy is created is that you expose yourself to something for so long that your body begins to see it as a threat. The problems associated with excessive use could indeed be an allergic reaction. The reaction is similar to the one from excessive use; the skin becomes irritated and scratchy, and you develop red spots and other skin conditions. It’s not pretty. Especially when you’re using it to try and clear up your skin.

Non-Skin Related Side Effects

It’s also worth mentioning the other side effects of Witch Hazel. Like every good remedy it is sometimes guilty of causing the problems it tries to prevent. It can irritate your mouth and even cause kidney problems when taken orally. Some doctors go so far as to recommend that you don’t take Witch Hazel orally to prevent these issues. Though again, it’s a problem that affects a very small percentage of people who use Witch Hazel.

Realistically the chances of you being negatively affected by Witch Hazel are quite slim. Generally adults have a very good tolerance to it. Of course that risk is there though. It’s so minor that it’s worth trying Witch Hazel once to see if they will affect you.

If you are allergic to it then the good news is that Witch Hazel is one product out of thousands. A good thing about the cosmetics industry is that if one product fails there are many to take its place. If you don’t have a pre-existing intolerance to Witch Hazel then make sure you use it responsibly to avoid creating one. Use it only when you need to and you’ll be fine.