Hi all,

Fledgeling skeptic is currently on the webdesign table ( don’t worry, it will be painless)

Please be patient.

And for those who might have some preconceived ideas about skepticism :

Skeptics are not bitter or angry people that would need to question things just for the sake of it, they are “usually” people who try to use reason and intelligence to be a better person in a very complex world. (ok morons do exist though)

So folks, be open, we may all have different opinions. This is perfectly fine. What counts is not who is right or wrong but how we all grow and learn from our experiences.

ok, I got a lot to learn 🙂

A fledgeling skeptic that knows the journey might be very long. But as for every worthwile journey, every step counts and I would add even the smallest step might be much more valuable than expected.