Boy, Selfies sure are a thing now, aren’t they?

It probably started to erupt the moment Apple and Samsung started putting cameras on the front of their phones.

Selfies aren’t the worst possible thing in the world, but if you were to read what some people say about them, you might gag a little on the copious amount of cynicism. Is it really so wrong that people are feeling more confident and alive in their outward appearance that they’re constantly photographing themselves, sometimes with friends even? ok maybe.

There’s a big phenomenon that people currently don’t know how to react to and that’s Selfie Sticks. They’re these sticks people can attach to their phone and take a wider shot of their Selfie.

These devices are typically reserved for much more elaborate places, such as museums, theme parks, the great outdoors, etc. But places such as Disney World and music festivals are beginning to place strict bans on the photo stick.

Often times they appear to have a good reason. At Disney, for example, people were taking photos of themselves on the rides. That’s irresponsible, as it could severely hurt someone.

But couldn’t Disney have just banned them on the rides all together, rather than drastically take them out of the premises entirely? That’s for Disney to decide, I suppose, considering it’s their park and all. But what it seems to be all about is this negative social stigma on our self-obsessed culture.

People enjoy taking pictures of everything now that we have a phone at our immediate disposal. We no longer have to go out and buy those cheap Kodak cameras. Back then you would have to be extremely careful with what you took pictures of; otherwise, before you knew it, you’d be out of your 25 photos.

Selfies are probably going to be around for a while. They’re not letting up anytime soon, at least.

It’s important to not have such disdain for people who take Selfies though, because most of them don’t need anyone tearing down their confidence.

The attitude, however, that often times come with habitual Selfie users is what most people are really upset about.

It comes off as arrogant, or obsessive, and we as a culture naturally want to destroy that mentality.

And we should consider who these people are over what they’re doing. They’re mostly teenagers and people who showed up to an event without anybody to take pictures of them. And frankly in most cases, they are not that big a deal….

selfie 2

copyright – he got me too 🙂

Why are we so ready to attack those two key demographics just because we cannot confront our own issues on the subject?

Here’s a pretty basic rule when it comes to taking Selfies:

If you want to take a Selfie, take a Selfie. If you don’t want to take a Selfie, don’t take a Selfie.

Added bonus: Don’t talk about how everyone else is taking a Selfie. It comes across as the old man of your childhood that would go on and on about how back in his day, nobody was playing Gameboys in the backseat on a long road trip. And nobody wants to be that old man or old woman. 😉