A New Year means New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them but so few people keep them. If you want some help keeping those resolutions this year then read up on these handy tips to help you out.

Be Committed

There are a few reasons people give up on their resolutions. One of the main reasons is that they don’t commit enough. Everyone makes a resolution to lose weight, but how many of them actually commit to it? So stop watching reality TV shows lol, make sure that the resolution you make is one that you want to commit to and follow through with. Accept that your goals are going to take work and be prepared to do that work.

Be Realistic

You also need to be realistic about your goals. There are things you can do, and there are things you can’t. Your resolutions need to be things that you actually have a chance of doing. Want to learn how to drive? That’s a good goal. Want to become a movie star? Maybe not so realistic. Make your goals achievable and you’ll actually be able to achieve them.

Be Specific

Another reason people give up on their goals is because they are too vague. Take a look at losing weight again. You want to lose weight? That’s good. But how much weight do you want to lose? When you approach goals with a specific target in mind you’ll find far more success than if you had gone at it without a goal. A goal isn’t a goal unless there is an endpoint. Be specific with a time frame too. Don’t just say “I will do this”, say “I will do this by then”.

Be a Planner

If you have a long term goal then you need to break it down into smaller goals. Is your goal to write a book? Plan out how long it’s going to take to do each part of it. How long do you plan on committing to each chapter? Plenty of goals need careful planning for you to be successful. Do you want to meditate and be less stressed ? Break your goals down into smaller, bite size chunks. It kind of goes with being specific. If you make a goal to lose 50 pounds then break it up into 5 smaller goals to lose 10 pounds. You’ll find way more success that way.

Be Accountable

Another major reason that people give up on their goals is that they have no one to hold them accountable. Make sure someone else knows what you want to do and check in with them every so often. Let them know about your progress. Everything is easier with a friend. When you make progress they’ll praise you, which will encourage and motivate you. When you don’t progress, you’ll know you’ve disappointed them, which will also encourage you. You won’t want to let them down again.

It’s not as difficult as you’d believe it is to stick to a New Year’s Resolution. Just make it a specific goal you know you can do, and you know you want to do. Good luck keeping your resolutions this year.

My resolution? be even more skeptical haha