woman with makeupIt may seem like it’s obvious, but the mystery of why women wear makeup still hangs in the air around menfolk and other women who find the concept of foundation foreign.

Why can’t women just go around without makeup?

Why do they need it to brighten up their appearance?

These questions and many more can be answered with one simple word: confidence.

To tell you the truth, women don’t care as much about how the products work or what color of eyeshadow they’re wearing that day.

What they care about is how makeup makes them feel.

As women, we feel naked without our daily dose of blemish creams and bronzing powder (or blush, if you prefer).

Studies have shown that women have a positive emotional response to makeup and beauty products.

Most of these studies focused on wrinkle repair serums and moisturizing creams, but the immediate effects of foundation and spot treatments for blemishes still apply.

Society makes them to wear make up

There’s also the matter that we live in a world that expects women to wear makeup.

Those who decide to forego it are often looked upon as “hippies” or “nutcases” because society thinks they must have some conscientious objection to makeup.

This may be true of some, but the fact of the matter is that some women just don’t want to wear makeup. By the way, you can definitely look pretty without makeup too, if you follow some simple tips.

However, even if you don’t want to wear any make up, many jobs require what they define as an “appropriate appearance,” which in many cases doesn’t include a nude visage. Women are made to feel bad about their looks because they’re deemed unattractive when not slathered in makeup.

As women, we feel more confident in our romantic ventures when wearing at least a light dusting of makeup. Some women really cake it on, but for the average Jane, we simply feel better around men when we feel like we’re looking our best. Women often feel dissatisfied with their appearance as is. This leads them to try and compensate for any “shortcomings” they feel they may have with makeup and skin care products.

As much as men say they like it when women don’t wear makeup, it’s going to be awhile before any woman trusts compliments like that, if ever.

A treat for yourself

Makeup can also be an indulgence for some. You peruse the cosmetics aisle at your local beauty store and see the colorful ads telling you their products will make you look and feel like a real woman.

Exotic ingredients in expensive lotions and perfumes are just begging you to spend your latest paycheck on them.

Spending money on Estee Lauder’s latest eyeshadow set can make a girl feel good. It doesn’t matter that it costs a lot; what matters is that you’ve treated yourself to a little something just for you, and wearing it feels great.

These emotional ties to makeup act in much the same way that similar sentimental products do for men.

Women just happen to like wearing makeup, and who is anyone else to tell them they can’t or shouldn’t?

If it makes a woman feel good to wear her favorite shade of lipstick, it’s best to just let her do so without question.

It’s their way of expressing themselves in a way that makes them feel comfortable.